Daniel North
Name Daniel North
Year of Birth 1993
Location Unknown

Daniel North, the hidden and mysterious character from Faceless and the protagonist from Faceless: Deliverance.

Warning: This page may contain spoilers for the game and the novel.


Daniel North is the hidden character in Faceless, he can either been seen or heard of in most Faceless trailers, but his appearance in the actual game is rather minimal due to a great deal of mysteries surrounding his background with The Being.

In the book, however, Daniel is the main protagonist and we follow his journey a week before the game takes place, up until two years afterwards.



Daniel North in Hyde Street Station.


Last known image of Daniel North.

In Faceless: Deliverance, it is revealed that Daniel has lived a life of hunting paranormal entities at the expense of having a life for himself. As well as natural paranormal entities such as ghosts, demons and so on, Daniel has had to face off against entities that have made their way through the Abandoned Realm, a seperate plane to our planet that hosts a variety of entities, including The Being, which lies at the top of the Abandoned Hierarchy.

The story begins when Daniel discovers Elijah Grey and the Sorrowvirus, a potential weapon that can destroy The Being, however, the Sorrowvirus requires a catalyst that connects it directly to the entity that is being hunted, so Daniel obtains some blood from a Conduit that he already has access to.

When Daniel and Elijah visit Wakeland City, Elijah informs him of all the main locations that The Being tends to reside in, as well as setting up markers for where the Ritual Zones should be. This is a precaution should anything go wrong with hunting down The Being, with Plan B effectively being a way to destroy all the dolls in Wakeland City to cast The Being out of the immediate area.

A day later, Daniel disappears, with the game taking place a week after that.


(Extract from the Sorrowvirus)

When Daniel confronted The Being in Fallen Grace Asylum, he was trying to find The Being, and this led to Daniel being impaled through the heart with one of The Being's tentacles. After letting out a horrifying scream, Daniel began showing signs of the death rattle, a natural sound that suggests somebody will die within 24 hours of the sound happening. The Being slowly walked towards Daniel and bringing it's tentacle closer to him. He then tried not to look at its face but The Being was holding it's head directly against Daniel. Slowly but surely, Daniel looked at it and let out a straining laugh. For the first time, The Being makes an unearthly and indescribable sound, before Daniel throws the Sorrowvirus to The Being's feet. An implosion occurs and a bright light appears at the base and all sound fades out as everything is sucked into this implosion. The implosion begins to subside really quickly, collapsing in on itself and letting out a shock wave at the end which cracks and destroys the surrounding floor and walls. Daniel and The Being have disappeared.