Elijah Gray
Sketch of Elijah, no known photos on record.
Name Elijah Gray
Year of Birth 68
Location 1945
Status Unknown
Cause of Death Unknown

Elijah Grey is a 68 year old ex-hunter who was brought back into the business when confronted by Daniel North, who had discovered the truth about Elijah's background with The Being and the Sorrowvirus. Elijah refers to The Being as the 'Soulrender' (A take on the word heartrending) as he feels any trace of humanity or a soul within him has dispersed.

Extract from Sorrowvirus:

When Daniel North found Elijah, they first debated on their experiences with The Being and how much it has changed over the generations. Elijah states that The Being is creating a fabric tear of matter in our plane, particularly in Wakeland City, where it primarily resides.

Elijah stated that he was part of the construction team for Hyde Street Station and it had to be abandoned near completion due to 'unexpected events' which caused several workers to either disappear, die, or suffer from hysterical blindness. He conjured a substance which he coined the Sorrowvirus of which its origin is still unknown.

The appearance of the Sorrowvirus differs for a lot of people, it often has a very iridescent shine with a dark glow, its colours vary on the person looking at it. It doesn't seem that these colours make any difference to its effect. Elijah sees it as a bright green, whilst Daniel sees it as a vivid orange. Elijah used some of the Sorrowvirus on another entity he was hunting many years ago and said it worked, but left him suffering from severe hallucinations and unearthly voices making him wanting to kill himself. Another side-effect of the Sorrowvirus caused Elijah Gray to deteriorate in his physical state, leaving him looking a lot older than he is, but it seems this has no effect on his mobility, his state of mind eventually recovered after years of isolation.

For the Sorrowvirus to work on The Being, it requires blood from a Proxy. The only living proxy left is Daniel's missing sister, who left four years ago due to a compelling need to serve The Being. Daniel has tried to capture and save her, but has failed on all ocassions.