Faceless banner on Steam

Faceless is a free-to-play multi-player survival horror Half-Life 2 mod set around the monstrous entity known as 'The Being' or 'The Soulrender'. Players must cooperatively work together to gather a series of mysterious dolls while escaping the unholy abomination. There are no weapons, only your survival instincts. The mod was initially announced in ModDB and was Greenlit on Steam in 2013. The Steam Community Hub and Steam Group where made available on July 25th, 2013.

About the Game

Players must work as a team to gather (and return) a collection of twisted dolls. As each doll is collected, The Being will become increasingly more difficult to escape in each encounter. This mysterious creature doesn’t just become faster – it’ll attempt to trap you and cut you off from the rest of the group. A frugal use of your flashlight and constant communication are a necessity to surviving this hellish nightmare. 

Faceless includes a hand-crafted story that expands the captivating mysteries of The Being. Players will explore the foulest regions of Wakeland, a city consisting of open woodland, an abandoned town, an abandoned hospital and an abandoned subway. Daniel North has gone missing, and the player and their friends must search every area for signs of him.

A tense and terrifying soundtrack follows the players on their descent into insanity. From the main menu to each pick-up of a doll, the audio design has been built to create a nerve-wracking and unnatural vibe that will put players on edge.


  • No gravetalk or free roam spectate: dead players cannot relay information to living ones.
  • Players start off completely alone and split from each other.
  • Voice chat is proximal: players can only communicate within a certain distance.
  • One to four player support: die together or die alone.
  • FGD support so players can create their own multiplayer maps.