Warning: This page contains spoilers that pertain to the story.

Faceless: Deliverance is a novel that covers the entire story before, during and after the game. It follows Daniel North as he attempts to find and destroy The Being alongside Elijah Grey. Due to Daniel's ancestors being rebel Conduits, The Being has since attempted to destroy the remaining bloodline for those who betrayed it. As Daniel's family members dwindle one by one, he desperately tries to find a way to save Edward and Grace, his remaining siblings and only-known family members.


The paranormal mystery follows Daniel North through the most important stage of his life, where he attempts to set his family free from the unforgiving and relentless Being. This journey follows Daniel from his home to Wakeland City as he learns of a hunter called Elijah Grey, who used an essence known as the Sorrowvirus to kill or banish paranormal entities. When Daniel finds him, he learns that something is needed to connect the Sorrowvirus to The Being in order to work on it. In this case, the blood of a Conduit. When Elijah tells Daniel that there is only enough Sorrowvirus left to try it once, Daniel makes sure there is no room for error.

As a backup plan, Daniel and Elijah prepare all the main locations in Wakeland City with Ritual Zones and guidance symbols in order to help future hunters who may attempt to destroy The Being, should things go wrong, somebody else may be able to get it right. With Daniel rushing to destroy The Being, there is little to no time for him to do this himself effectively without attracting The Being at its full power. Stealth is the most important thing at this stage for Daniel in order to be able to attempt to destroy The Being.

As things begin to go wrong when hunting The Being, the most pivotal chapter begins for Daniel North.


Faceless: Deliverance will be getting a sequel titled Faceless: Valiance, which follows Rosco Heller and Grace North as they search for a long-lost Daniel North.