Fallen Grace Church/Asylum is a Church on the surface with a hidden Asylum underground, it is meant solely for those who are thought to have been possessed by demons or seek out to destroy religion, they were held in the Asylum and tortured with excessive 'exorcism' methods. The Church/Asylum is located in Wakeland City and is the main setting for 'North Rising', the prologue in which you play as Elijah Grey.

After the NHI Act was initiated, Fallen Grace was the only exception to this rule and this place was kept open for many years after the act started, it is believed it remained open for another 27 years before being fully abandoned when the remaining inmates and/or staff perished. Due to this area being the only area in Wakeland City with any human life, it was often overlooked by The Being, causing any inmates to become increasingly agitated to the point that the staff eventually realised the truth of Wakeland City.

After it was finally abandoned around 1947, The Being was able to create a Tear inside Fallen Grace in order to transition between the Overworld and our realm. In doing so, it removed the original location of the Tear which was located in Wakeland Forest.

Referenced Characters:

Six names were embedded into the main door of Fallen Grace, these names were:

  • Thomas Hartman
  • Christopher Ellis
  • Deborah Ashen
  • Warren Paley
  • Charlie Mason
  • Megan Ayer

It is believed these six ventured into Wakeland City in 1964 when Thomas Hartman's young sister went missing, these six were eventually committed into Fallen Grace and it is believed that they escaped, but did not survive Wakeland City. Other pictures and documents can be seen that point to these names, and they weren't much older than the Wakeland Survivors.

Connection to Daniel North:

Daniel North and Elijah Grey secured this area first by creating a Ritual Point and destroying all the Dolls, however he soon noticed a connection between the location, himself and The Being. A distant ancestor of his had founded Fallen Grace and was one of the founders of the NHI Act as well as being a Proxy. After Daniel and Elijah left the area, they made sure it was completely inaccessible to anybody other than themselves.

Daniel North returned to this place after setting up Ritual Zones in the rest of Wakeland City in an attempt to destroy the Being when time was running out, however it is not known what happened to him after he went back to the Fallen Grace.