In Faceless, there are currently four gamemodes for the Base game. These are as follows:


The base-game mode in which an amount of dolls depending on how many players start the game will need to be collected and dropped off in a specified area in order to set the dolls alight and "free" the entity from within the dolls. Once all dolls have been collected and burnt, the players will be able to successfully "escape".


A versus game-mode where up to four players can play, and one is randomly allocated to play as The Being. (Can be overridden to allow somebody in particular to be The Being) A button will be tied to teleporting to a node behind the nearest player, whilst you can move after they have collected 75% of the dolls. Using the base-gamemode maps (Dolls.)


A gamemode that spans over 3 maps where you have no objective except to run and survive, at the end of each map is a safe-house to which it transitions over to the next map, the final map will be met with an escape option.

Hysterical Blindness:

Inspired by the Trouble in Terrorist Town game-mode for Garry's Mod, everybody will look like minimal human-esque figures, and more than 4 people can play, one will be assigned as The Being and will appear to be a normal person. They have to kill as many people as they can without being caught, upon being caught everybody will have to remember who to run from and try to survive the remaining time limit.