North Rising is the official solo campaign for Faceless that serves as the Prologue. Before Edward North and his friends went to search for Daniel North, Elijah Gray decided to try and find him too in the hidden area of Wakeland City, the Asylum. Elijah believes that this location is the most recent place that Daniel has been to, but upon his arrival there unsettling and lonesome feelings overwhelming Elijah.

North Rising is set in the Fallen Grace Church/Asylum.

Fallen Grace

North Rising takes place during the same timeline as the Epilogue; Purgatory. It follows Elijah Grey as he attempts to look for Daniel North. He drives up outside Wakeland Forest without getting too close to the Church, in order to not attract The Being. Elijah walks his way towards the Church, and upon arrival, he finds out that the front doors have been barricaded from the inside, preventing them from being opened. He walks around the side to find an entrance into the basement, which in turn leads him to the main floor of the Church.

From here, Elijah must find his way into the hidden Asylum beneath them and attempt to find Daniel, but when Anomalies are seen inside the Asylum, Elijah knows that something happened here, since Anomalies don't ordinarily exist on our realm, they are usually only seen in the Abandoned Realm, where The Being comes from. As Elijah, the players must work their way through paths, and memorise where to go, as a single touch from any of the Anomalies results in instant death.

Elijah will come across the staff room, as well as some patient cells along the way, including one that belongs to Thomas Hartman. As Elijah explores more, he will find the site where the The Event happened, where Daniel attempted to destroy The Being with the Sorrowvirus. Shortly after this, Elijah decides to leave, but as he sees sightings of The Being, he knows things have gone horribly wrong. Once he runs up to the front doors of the Church, a bright white light appears and The Being emerges from it.