Daniel North in 'Purgatory'.


Grace North in 'Purgatory'.

Purgatory serves as the Epilogue for Faceless. It follows Daniel North as he works his way through Purgatory whilst attempting to escape. Having forgotten who he is, Daniel must relive his memories and survive against the Anomalies, not seen since the Prologue.

North Domain

Purgatory starts off in Daniel North's childhood home, where he lived when he witnessed his parents being killed by The Being, and he must explore rooms and look at photographs and read documents in order to rediscover who he is. Once he remembers Grace, her voice guides Daniel throughout the rest of his journey in Purgatory, reflecting upon memories old, advising Daniel on where to go and helping him escape.

Chupacabra Farm

After escaping from his childhood home, the front door takes Daniel to a farm that he once hunted on. He needs to run through a complex path in order to avoid the deathly Chupacabras, but in Purgatory, Daniel cannot see any other people or enemies except for Anomalies, he can only hear their voices or the sounds they make, so running away from something invisible proves extremely difficult.

Fallen Grace Church

After having opened the door to the Farmhouse, it leads Daniel to the Fallen Grace Church where he finds his way into the underground Asylum, but as he runs down the ever-growing corridors, escape seems almost impossible. When Daniel is finally presented with a door, he finds a nameplate that says "Thomas Hartman" - As he enters the room behind the nameplate, he begins to learn a dark secret.

Victoria Peak

When Daniel finally escapes Purgatory, he appears outside Victoria Peak, Hong Kong. The only exit from Purgatory where the tear in the fabric of space exists. In the book; Faceless: Deliverance, it is mentioned that those who control the NHI are located in Hong Kong to research Purgatory.