The Being is the threatening entity of Wakeland City and other unidentified locations and is the primary threat to Elijah Gray and Daniel North.

  • Elijah Gray lost fellow co-workers and family to The Being, and almost killed himself after testing the Sorrowvirus.
  • Daniel North has lost his parents, a couple of friends and other hunters to The Being and doesn't want his remaining siblings to be killed.

Its origins are fairly unknown, in the book it was revealed that The Being came to existence in 1313 in The Abandoned Realm. The only understanding of why it happens to be in the main realm is The Tear, but nothing else other than The Being and Anomalies have been able to pass through The Tear. It is believed The Being looks different on the other side of the Tear, and that it has adapted to having a human shape to it after having examined the realm in which The Tear crosses over to.

It can be identified as having a tall and skinny body with a blue suit, white shirt, black tie and black shoes. Its face twitches due to the exposure to the Sorrowvirus. It also has smoke tendrils that can be extended and withdrawn from its back. It has been rumoured that The Being can extend tendrils from other parts of its body on the Abandoned Realm.

After somebody has been killed by The Being, a silent, unusual and ethereal looking albino crow can be seen flying around the location of their death for up to a week or more, this varies on the personality of the person who has died. This is a supernatural phenomena that occurs when somebody is killed by The Being. This albino crow normally stays around near The Being, it is suspected it also comes from the Abandoned Realm.

Elijah is very certain that the Sorrowvirus will banish The Being from our plane, and cause The Tear to close up forever, this is based on him using it on another supernatural entity and it worked. Daniel North feels uncertain of this but he trusts Elijah due to having a lot more experience than he does. Without anything to link the Sorrowvirus to The Being, it simply won't work, something is needed to strengthen the Sorrowvirus, which leads Daniel to retrieving the blood of a Conduit to use with the Sorrowvirus.

Those killed by The Being are cursed to never enter Heaven nor Hell, instead, they are forced to turn into something known only as an Anomaly, a ghostly entity that forever repeats a pattern, a path, for eternity. They have no sentience, but they do have awareness of time. This, again, is another supernatural phenomena that isn't fully understood. It could be an attempt to fill the Abandoned Realm with life once more, as little life exists on it, even if this were the case, how it happens is not known. There is a theory that humans once inhabited the Abandoned Realm and migrated to the main realm for reasons unknown. Most Anomalies are born naturally in the Abandoned Realm, but some are created through Humans killed by the Being.


The Being has a complex system of abilities that grant it a great deal of powers in hunting its victims, prior to being hit with the Sorrowvirus by Daniel North, The Being had a larger number of abilities including:

  • Soul-Absorption.
  • Vanishing at will. (Teleporting.)
  • Disguise into somebody the victim wants to see.
  • Vocal mimicking.
  • Imperfect Camouflage/Transformation
  • Complete silence when moving.
  • Create Tears.
  • Anomaly Creation.
  • Conduit Senses.
  • Mental Imprisonment (Hysterical Blindness)

After being hit with the Sorrowvirus, The Being twitches constantly, as well as giving off audible clues to its location. Its skills were reduced to;

  • Soul-Absorption.
  • Vanishing.
  • Extremely limited/flawed Camouflage/Transformation
  • Anomaly Creation.
  • Mental Imprisonment (Hysterical Blindness)


After having suffered from the effects of the Sorrowvirus, The Being lost a great deal of its abilities, including its sensors to find Conduits, who serve to help it communicate with humans and gather people to collect their souls to store in dolls. These are the weaknesses brought upon by the Sorrowvirus.

  • Constant twitching of the head and hands. Impairs mobility functions slightly.
  • Light-leaks from its face. Occasionally, The Being emits a gentle green light from tears/cracks in its face as a result of the Sorrowvirus, sometimes making it easier to see.
  • Branch-creaking and rattling sounds emit rarely, sometimes giving away its location.
  • No more 'sudden-kills' with its Soul-Absorption ability.
  • Occasional loss of focus and general disorientation.

This is the only reason why the inexperienced survivors are able to explore Wakeland City and have any chance of completing Daniel's quest. The game takes place just a week after Daniel's disappearance and so The Being has only been recently been injured, it is dazed and desperately trying to get back to its top form.

Slender Man Confusion.

Since Faceless started out as Slender: Source, it originally intended to be a Source modification surrounding the Slender Man, however, since the project's partial-reboot, it became Faceless and took on an original storyline with some of the pre-existing features still looking similar, including the appearance of The Being still somewhat resembling the Slender Man. This is because the story that was originally constructed and modified was suited for an entity that had that kind of appearance. Listed above, and in the header image, the differences can be seen clearly. This will be strengthened even more so in gameplay. This results in Faceless maintaining, gaining and improving upon inspiration from the original concept of which it originated from. All remaining similarities are merely a coincidence.