'The Intuitive Ghost' is an alias given to a man or woman who has investigated and followed trails left behind by the NHI act, and anybody involved or associated with. TIG has followed Daniel and Elijah, and is believed to be the character who left behind notes in Fallen Grace Asylum into Thomas Hartman and his other identity, as well as being the figure who picks up and listens to digital recordings left behind, then places them elsewhere, or back where he/she found them.


There are three main theories as to who TIG is and where TIG came from.

  1. Defected NHI co-founder/ally.
  2. Rogue Government Officer.
  3. A personality held by somebody with dissociative identity disorder.


TIG has been involved in investigating and looking into NHI files and particularly files into Wakeland City, and has never intervened or disturbed any developments. It is also believed that TIG is a neutral figure towards the Being, TIG is aware of its existence, and it is aware of TIG, but for some inexplicable reason, they never cross paths.