The Tear is believed to be the point at which The Being crosses over from one plane to the other, it is only believed that it has access to two planes. The Overworld, and our plane. This plane is thought to exist in Wakeland Forest due to it being the most similar area in Wakeland City and on Earth for both planes making it easier for them to connect. It is not known why this Tear exists or if it even does exist, but according to Elijah Gray the tear:

  • Is remniscient of the shape of a narrow oval that glows a bright flickering yellow.
  • Emits an unearthly sound which can cause vomiting, seizures, hallucinations and even death to those who hear it.
  • Very rarely chants a latin phrase: "Derelinqui a Deo" which loosely translates into "Abandoned by God." It is unknown what chants this.

However, according to further developments, the Tear is no longer located in Wakeland Forest, but in a strange replication of the lobby on the third floor of Fallen Grace Asylum.