Wakeland City is a large city which has been completely abandoned, there are four main locations where The Being can be sighted. These areas include:

  • Wakeland Forest
  • Wakeland Town
  • Hyde Street Station
  • Bear Valley Hospital

These four areas contain core bases where The Being feeds from the Dolls. There is one more area in Wakeland City where The Being can be sighted, but it is hard to access, this place is The Fallen Grace. The only person to access this place is Elijah Grey in the North Rising Campaign.

Under the NHI (Necessary Hidden Information) Act of 1947, Wakeland City is virtually non-existant and nobody knows of its wherabouts as it is surrounded by miles of woodland and barricaded by natural materials.

Wakeland Forest

The inner surroundings of Wakeland Forest consist of dense woodland and a flowing river. A few abandoned buildings can be seen. No wildlife can be heard but the ominous sound of tree branches creaking can be heard even without any wind. In many occassions, there will be crows around the area but they are silent. There is one spot in Wakeland Forest where no grass or plants have grown, and it is believed to be the spot in which The Tear belongs in.

Wakeland Town

A small town in Wakeland consists of several houses and shops, but the strangest thing about this town is it never seems to turn into night. The mysterious foggy and empty town is a lonesome one to venture into which is also silent like the forest is, but tree branch creaks can still be heard in the town, since the forest is right next to it.

Hyde Street Station

Hyde St. Station is The Being's main domocile, in which it primarily resides in, the only odd occurences in this area is that the electricity seems to be working even when there is no power available, and tree creaks can still be heard inside every now and then. The CCTV room and all the cameras still function and bizarre ghostly noises can still be heard. Strange drawings of what appear to be Daniel North can be seen on the walls. Symbols associated with The Being were painted by both Elijah Grey and Daniel North to mark the location as dangerous territory.

Bear Valley Hospital

In the Autumn of 1945, dozens of babies and children disappeared from the hospital causing its eventual closure in the Spring of 1946, this area has been left as it was at its closure and ghostly whispers can still be heard. It is believed that all ghostly whispers are not of those who died, but of them being projected from another plane, or from The Being.